Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lock & Load

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to buy and read Lock & Load, the long short story/novella, I published before Christmas. It was a great success and I know lots of people had fun reading it. In a few weeks it will be rolling out to Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. For now you can buy it here, both in e-book, and paper. If you have read it, enjoyed it, then please take a few moments to post a short review. Online reviews are immensely helpful to authors.

I have been busy on two fronts. Most importantly I have been writing a new thriller, which I should finish next week. Also, before Christmas I wrote a children's book. It was a story I have been thinking about for a while but had never got round to tackling. I wrote it in a little under five weeks, and I have to say that time was perhaps the most enjoyable I've ever had as a writer. I have no idea what route I'll take with it but it's been huge fun.

So, two books in under six months after the travails of the summer. Shortly, it will be back to Ryan and Ty, as I start work on the fifth novel featuring those characters.

After a lot of hard work, and support from my terrific readers, and fellow authors, the Lock series is really getting some traction in the United States. Lockdown spent Christmas Day on the top 100 ebook bestseller list on Amazon. Here it as at No. 32 alongside some people you may have heard of.

Last month, Gridlock repeated the same feat on Amazon and also made the top 20 on Barnes and Noble, my first time hitting the B&N bestseller list.

In other news, Ekscom, Russia's largest publisher, recently bought rights to The Devil's Bounty, and will be publishing the entire series. Translations are also coming in French (Lock & Load - L'envers du d├ęcor), and there will be a Spanish edition of The Devil's Bounty, with Italian translations of some of the series also pending.

If you are a publisher in an unsold territory you can either contact me directly or Scott Miller at Trident Media in New York to discuss.

Thank you again to all my readers for their continued support.