Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tess Gerritsen Is Stalking Me

...or perhaps it's the other way around?
I give you Exhibit A, where Ms. Gerritsen is to be found strategically placed next to a whole dump bin of paperbacks of Lockdown. By the way, that small child has the look of a man gathering forensic science tips in order to pull off the perfect murder at a later date.

Exhibit B: Who is the first author who should appear in the 'Also Boughts' next to the Kindle version of Lockdown on
Lockdown (Ryan Lock 1)
Yes, you guessed it. What is the loveliest woman in crime fiction slumming it next to me for? One can only guess.
Restraining orders on the back of a postcard carved from human flesh to Sean Black, Black Towers, Dublin, Ireland.

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