Friday, October 14, 2011

Lee And Me

Wednesday night saw me on stage in Dublin with Lee Child as he dropped by on his whirlwind promotional tour for the new Jack Reacher thriller, The Affair. Incidentally, if you haven't read it yet, you should. It's the big man at the top of his game, and you just know he had fun writing it, which is the guarantee of a cracking read.

Lee is a model professional, and despite the fact that he'd had an extremely long day he was both entertaining and engaging. There were the inevitable questions about Tom Cruise's casting as Reacher, which he dealt with honestly. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours so thanks to Easons for organising it and to everyone who came along.


  1. Working with the big names now then Sean! Top effort, bet you really enjoyed it and must have been interesting to meet Lee, who's been at the front of the thriller field for quite a while now. I think most of us aspire to match his achievements with the Jack Reacher series.

    Seriously though, the Cruiser as Jack? I'd have taken a stab at Hugh Jackman or similar, a bigger chap at least...

  2. Congrats Sean. Lee's a top bloke and a pure gentleman, and I bet it was an entertaining night.